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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Resilience against power disruptions plus smart management of multiple power flows.

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Powerstar designs and manufactures power resilience technologies that protect your operations from disruption plus enable your net zero carbon goals.

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Power Resilience

The ability to continue your core activities without impact from disruption to your power supply. Powerstar technology provides power resilience to a whole site through any combination of its three core technologies.

EV Charging

Electrify your organisation’s fleet with on-site rapid EV charging facilities.

Modelling & Simulation


Creating a digital twin of an on-site power project before implementation ensures that it is feasible and cost effective and speeds up approvals processes.

Powerstar has unrivalled capability to model the multiple power flows that exist in a Behind-the-Meter microgrid installation.

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Some of our case studies


AESSEAL needed help protecting their operations from power disruptions while driving forward net zero strategies.

South Staffordshire Council

South Staffordshire Council were looking to install a battery energy storage system that provided them with site-wide UPS resilience

Stoba Prazisionstechnik UK Ltd

Stoba is a mass manufacturer and supplier of metallic parts and high quality components to the automotive industry that operates internationally.

Supermarket Chain

The client is a major supermarket chain with multiple stores and distribution centres across the UK.

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